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The status quo isn’t working.

Environmental issues, social unrest, public health crises are just some of the challenges facing our communities. We need leaders with more authenticity, empathy, and tenacity to show up and do things differently. 

Women are 51% of the population but only represent 25% of elected officials. Many women don’t run for office because of self-doubt and confusion about the election process, but having more women in the office improves our democracy. Women are more likely to stand up for community interests and support policies that benefit a wider diversity of people.

An online community and resource hub for women who want to run, win, and lead in public office—and those who support them.

Women aren’t scared of a challenge.


Because of our unique strengths – including collaboration, communication, and applying emotional intelligence and analysis to solve problems – women are unstoppable as change agents for our communities. If you're as sick and tired as we are of business as usual in politics, we have your back.


Electable is an affordable membership community helping aspiring candidates like you run and win local elections in cities with fewer than 200,000 people.

It’s time to build a pipeline that will fuel national change, starting with getting more women and non-binary folks elected to office at the local level. If you’ve ever considered running for office, now is the time to do it.

Maybe friends and family members have told you that you would be great in the office, but you’re not sure which seat to run for. You’ve likely already been supporting causes and candidates in your community, and are excited to do more, but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to running your own campaign. You’re worried you don’t have the campaign cash or network to be successful.

Electable is your roadmap, your support system, your network. This community is full of women who’ve run for and been elected to office and helped other women get elected to office. We know what it takes to build a bench of women candidates, and we are ready with the tools and resources to get you elected.

Membership Results

Members gain support through the entire election process, including...

  • Guidance on how to choose which office to run for that best suit your strengths and passions
  • Advice on how to attract the voters you need and assemble a volunteer team to help you win
  • Strategies on securing endorsements and how to announce you’re running
  • Tips for building your confidence and clearly communicating why you’re qualified to seek elected office

We’ll laugh, learn, and kick-ass together, building the bench our democracy desperately needs.

We provide expert training that simplifies the election process (and won’t bore you to death). This includes DIY toolkits to get your campaign up and running, showing you how to raise money, connect with voters via email, talk to the press, and we'll introduce you to a network of powerhouse women who have won elections.

Our core content is broken out into the Five Core Lessons that will take you from considering a run for office to seeing your name on that ballot.

Each of our Five Core Lessons
have three parts:

    • Learn. Bite-sized videos that you can watch or listen to anywhere that deliver the background info, context, and knowledge you’ll need to execute your campaign with confidence.
    • Practice. Exercises to apply what you’ve learned through interactive tools and worksheets that will drive your campaign forward. 
    • Do. Step-by-step action plans for all aspects of your campaign that will keep the momentum high and hold you accountable.

Electable’s Five Core Lessons 

Lesson 1: How to choose the right office for you
Lesson 1 matches your passions to the right elected office through exercises that help you uncover what you care about. This jumpstarts creating your campaign platform, and we'll also deliver a refresher on how local government works and how to get started in your race. 

Lesson 2: Securing endorsements: how to announce that you're running
Once you’ve identified which office you want to run for in Lesson 1, Lesson 2 reveals the secret sauce to building a winning campaign. Topics include the dos and don'ts of decorum, honing your 30-second stump speech, and building a "kitchen cabinet" to advise and volunteer for your race.

Lesson 3: Gaining supporters: how to assemble a team 
It takes a village to launch a campaign, and Lesson 3 guides you in creating an awesome team. You’ll learn the ideal campaign structure, must-have volunteer roles to fill, sample donor strategies, and how to get the most important tasks done while still maintaining your sanity. 

Lesson 4: How to set, spend, and fundraise for your campaign budget
After building your campaign team, Lesson 4 is all about the money you need to keep even the most grassroots campaign running. We'll cover campaign finance rules, "voter math" and learn why your "win number" is the foundation of your budget. You'll learn how to build a campaign budget and effectively plan fundraising and spending now through Election Day.

Lesson 5: Communicating your electability
By lesson five, you know what you want to run for, how you'll announce your campaign, and you'll have assembled a team, and begun to fundraise. Now, we'll focus on building out your story and what you stand for. You’ll clarify your personal brand, develop strategies for public appearances and online engagement, and learn how to navigate negative press, controversy, and challenges.

All five lessons provide practical tools and guidance so you can run a confident, successful race that you’ll feel proud of. We’ll help you work through each module with ongoing support through our members-only Facebook group and monthly Live Q&As.

What You'll Get

As soon as you join Electable you’ll receive instant access to the following video lessons:

  • No Dumb Questions: Civics 101
  • No Dumb Questions: What’s up with the Gadsden Flag?
  • No Dumb Questions: All About the Declaration of Independence 
  • Part Zero: Where Do I Start? An interview series where Electable members who have run for office share how they first told their families, spouses, and workplaces about their decision to run for office. 
  • Part Zero: Campaign Communications 101.

On November 17, Electable will release the first of its Five Core Lessons video series. After that, we’ll release the following core lessons at the start of each month. This will give you time to watch the videos, complete the workbook exercises, and ask questions during our monthly Q&As.

Here’s your Electable Five Core Lesson Learning Timeline: 

  1. December 18: How to choose the right office for you
  2. January 18: Securing endorsements: how to announce that you're running
  3. February 15: Gaining supporters: how to assemble a team
  4. March 15: How to set, spend, and fundraise for your campaign budget
  5. April 12: Communicating your electability

Lessons will be delivered to your inbox. We’ll help you work through each module with ongoing support through our members-only Facebook group and monthly Live Q&As.

Training and community for women who want to run, win, and lead in local office.

As a member of Electable you’ll get:

  • Video content and audio recordings for listening on-the-go
  • Access to our private members-only Facebook group to help you network with a community of people, including current and former elected officials, who can hold each member accountable and ultimately help them win their election.
  • Regular support through a monthly Facebook live event with Q&A
  • Interactive worksheets and exercises to help you dive deeper into the work

Most Flexible Plan


Get access year round with a small monthly fee

  • Hours of video lessons 
  • Monthly Live Q&A 
  • Private networking group 
  • Workbook exercises 

Most Affordable Plan


Pay once and save 15%

  • Hours of video lessons 
  • Monthly Live Q&A 
  • Private networking group 
  • Workbook exercises 

There’s a reason people associate politicians and big money. It’s not cheap to hire a qualified campaign team – usually, $2,500 a month for a local race, minimum, increasing to as much as $7,000 a month for the three to six months before Election Day. To run for statewide or federal office in rural states, most viable candidates pay $5,000 to $10,000 a month for their campaign manager. Professional campaign teams are invaluable, particularly for statewide or federal races, but at the local level in small and mid-sized communities, we don’t believe you need to pay that amount to run and win.

At Electable, we want to encourage more unlikely candidates, especially women of color, to run for office, and we’re committed to making the help you need to do it affordably. Campaigning is an art and a science, and you can DIY your race at the local level, with help from family and friends willing to implement our expertise. That’s why Electable membership is just $34 a month, or one annual payment of $350. You don’t have to be a math whiz to know that’s a fraction of what it costs to hire a real campaign manager.

Electable’s members also get access to this BONUS content: 


“No Dumb Questions” Video Series on Civic Engagement 

Understanding exactly how government works is the first step towards making it more responsive and inclusive. After that, we can lead it.

Maybe you never took Intro to Politics in college, or maybe you didn’t go to college. We’ll help you grow your confidence in this area so you feel confident running for office yourself or helping other women in your community-run. We are all learning together, and Rule #1 at Electable is that there are no dumb questions.

We call on our time teaching this foundational information at the collegiate level and women’s leadership conferences, plus drawing on our real-life experiences to make our lessons engaging, digestible, and, dare we say it, fun.

Among other topics, we’ll cover in No Dumb Questions:

  • How our nation’s founders created the system of government that exists today
  • The basics of our founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Amendments, and how they all work together
  • The role of the political party in local and statewide elections
  • Understanding effective political advertising

We’re two women who have spent our entire adult lives in politics, including helping candidates, running for office ourselves, teaching the next generation of public leaders, and crafting and passing state and local policy in Montana and Idaho. Mostly, we care a hell of a lot about seeing more female representation in government and we know what it takes to make that happen.

Christina Barsky, Ph.D, M.P.A

Christina is a faculty member in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Montana. There, she works with the current and future generations of public servants on solving wicked problems and meeting public challenges. A major theme of her research focuses on election administration and the electoral process.

Previously, Christina spent more than a decade leading transformative change efforts across the Western U.S. in her roles with a premier public affairs firm and regional nonprofit collaborative. Today, Christina continues to serve as a research and strategy expert through her consultancy SkyBar Solutions.

Caitlin Copple Masingill

Caitlin is the founder of Full Swing Public Relations, an agency dedicated to elevating women leaders. Her work includes helping to elect Boise’s first female mayor, Lauren McLean. Caitlin holds an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana.

Before starting Full Swing, Caitlin worked for one of the nation’s top public affairs firms where she led communication campaigns to protect public lands, advance universal pre-K, and ensure net neutrality. In 2012, she became the first openly queer person elected to the Missoula City Council. Her passion for electing women to local public office led her to join forces with Dr. Christina Barsky to create Electable.

Is Electable right for you?

If you identify as a woman, are interested in running for local office, and live in a town that is 200,000 or less in population, you’re qualified! Welcome to our cozy little corner of the internet.

Why do we focus on smaller towns? In short, because no one else does and we think that’s a mistake. Just look at the map on CNN on Election Night to see how divided we appear to be. Big cities on the coasts often suck all the air out of the metaphorical room, and we believe in the power of rural and small and mid-size communities to change the trajectory of our country for the better. At the local level, it’s clear we have more in common than what divides us, and we think everyone could use a bit more of that about now.


Running for office can feel intimidating and costly, especially if you are new to politics. Everyone who runs for the first time questions if they are really qualified, and worries about how to get started, and how they are going to pay for the resources they need. Not only do we provide tools you need to streamline the process of getting yourself elected, but you’ll also access a community of inspiring women who have been there and done that in their own local elections. You’ll receive guidance and plans to feel confident and ready to run your own campaign.

Electable Women

If you’re already a leader in your community and you feel passionate about making a real difference through local government, and if you are fired up by the dumpster fire that is 2020, join Electable today.  We’re here to cheer you on and help you shine as an elected leader in your community. 

Most Flexible Plan


Get access year round with a small monthly fee

  • Hours of video lessons 
  • Monthly Live Q&A 
  • Private networking group 
  • Workbook exercises 

Most Affordable Plan


Pay once and save 15%

  • Hours of video lessons 
  • Monthly Live Q&A 
  • Private networking group 
  • Workbook exercises